Our business processes

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The Outset

In the initial stages we will have listened clearly to you to establish your needs and gain a clear understanding of the objectives of the project. The project team is identified along with roles and responsibilities. We work with you to define the process of managing the project. Finally our proposal is submitted, covering project scope, objectives, budget, deliverables along with terms and conditions. You may even want us to sign an NDA to protect your ideas.


During this stage we will conduct detailed research to learn about your customers and the markets you are operating in, to ensure the design meets the needs of both you and your audience.


This stage involves synthaeum working closely with you to design and scope what the finished product will look like along with the features contained within the application, to ensure art work is correct and the functionality meets your requirements. In this phase and where necessary we will also ensure NDA’s and all T&C’s are in place.

Build, Testing and Commissioning

We are now into the build phase, we will keep you updated on our progress and as each stage is built we will involve you in sign off. Full testing (functional, technical, non-functional and system) will be completed prior to launch of your application to ensure a stable application meeting your full requirements is delivered.


We like to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our work. This can be done both formally and informally to understand if the objectives set at the outset have been met.