Customisable 'Off the shelf' Mobile app for iPhone

ACME shows synthaeum’s ‘off the shelf ’ functionality. The examples below show just some of the screens available for our 'off the shelf' iPhone/ iPad and iPod application. These screen shots show how it might look for a fictitious restaurant chain – we have named this chain “ACME Restaurants”.

  • Imagine your art work and logo.
  • Imagine obtaining an iPhone/iPad/iPod application in a number of weeks rather than months.
  • Imagine obtaining your own application at a fraction of the cost of designing an application from scratch.

  • In order to find out how we can help you to achieve this level of quality on both design and build and start increasing your footfall, desirability and profit, why not
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    Vouchers and Details

    Vouchers and Details

    Splash Screen 03

    Your Logo screen


    Route to get to a location

    Menu Zoom 03

    Pinched menu to enlarge font

    Menu List 03

    Showing various menu's

    Menu 03

    Showing the menu in full

    Global Vouchers

    All available promotions, valid and coming soon

    Favourites List 03

    Saved list of favorite establishments

    Comments 03

    Add your feedback

    Brown Barn Selected On Map 03

    Selected restaurant on map

    Brown Barn Offer 03

    Detail of a promotion

    Brown Barn Details 03

    An address page