Mobile Applications for your business

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The secret of a well designed mobile application for your business is understanding the functionality and limitations available within the platform and being able to optimize the application to give a rich user experience in a small footprint device, whether Android, iPhone or iPad

synthaeum has many years of integration experience with a large range of technologies, which gives us a great platform to build a fully functional, integrated and stable application environment.

off the shelf customisable business application framework allows us to help companies both large and small  obtain cost effective, quick to market solutions that will enable them become more competitive and profitable in today’s dynamic business world. Typically off the shelf products can be put to market with minor customisation in a matter of weeks,  saving your organisation valuable time and money.

We are experts in Unix, Database and Application Programming meaning we can design and build bespoke solutions along with any additional infrastructure if required. We know how important your ideas are to you and we are more than happy to work under a Non Disclosure Agreement to protect these. We will first listen to what you want, then ask questions in order to understand the big picture.

Whether you want
bespoke work or an ‘off the shelf’ customisable package, at synthaeum we want to ensure your application achieves both short and long term objectives and delivers you the best possible results.