Case Studies, Business Apps from synthaeum

Synthaeum can offer a diverse range of in house design and development to create unique mobile applications for businesses to promote their valued propositions be it information, location finding, offers and promotions, create brand awareness etc etc.

Listed below is a selection of our mobile business applications created by synthaeum. Each application is bespoke and designed by our customers for their customers.
BFC Apple Icon
e+Discounts by Bracknell Forest Council.
This FREE app offers hundreds of discounts to the people of Bracknell encouraging shopping locally.

Find out more about this app and download it.
Bupa Smart Runner icon
Bupa Smart Runner

This FREE app provides runners with all sorts of infomation including video tutorials.

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Bupa Health finder icon
Bupa Health Finder

This FREE app provides not only members with lots of information including hundreds of health facts sheets.

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Nike icon Image
Nike Gait Analysis iPad App

This iPad app has been developed for use by Nike in store.

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e plus Discounts icon
e+Discounts by Bracknell Forest Council Android app

Watch here for updates on the soon to launch Android version of the popular e+Discounts iPhone app.

Brain Image
2nd Surgeon Engagement

Synthaeum can provide support and fixes for any existing iOS or Android applications your business may have.

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