Exhibitions are a good source of gathering marketing information on a potential new or existing customer base, but really, how easy is it to do this ?

  • You need to offer an incentive.

  • You have to decide on what information is important to you and collect it.

  • You need to have a way to capture this information, usually printed vouchers or forms.

  • Once completed, these need to be collected and input electronically.

  • All of the above takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention, 'Green' issues by using so many forms, vouchers or coupons.

    What about collecting this data on an iPad ?
    iPads are sexy and inviting, people are drawn to them and want to touch them.

    synthaeum can design a bespoke questionnaire for you, using your colours, branding and logo's.
    You decide on the questions and provide the incentive, we can do the rest !

    If you have an exhibition looming, and want to find out how you can hire or purchase this system, or you simply want to know more about how we can help you in the future. Please pick up the phone and talk to us or e-mail on :

    Sales: 01276 479753
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    Gathering marketing information using iPad