2nd Surgeon

Synthaeum has worked with a number of companies acting as a second surgeon on their existing mobile applications; fixing bugs, crashes and optimising performance, for both iOS and Android platforms.

Using our wealth of experience and expertise in this area we can perform the following:

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  • Investigation and resolution of memory leaks
  • Performance enhancement
  • Crash investigation
  • Configuration of versioned databases
  • iOS Market Crash report and resolution
  • Full device testing
  • iOS 5.0 specific problem investigation and resolution

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Both Platforms

  • Crash investigations
  • General bug investigation and resolution
  • Code review and optimisation
  • Full device testing, various
  • Source code control and configuration
  • Identification of code bottlenecks, resolution and optimisation

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  • Android Market Crash report investigation and resolution
  • Device testing
  • Retrospective documentation and code commenting
  • Code optimisation