An app is not just for Christmas......

Old sceen Xmas

Would you spend all that money designing and building a website never to update it again?

No! I’m hoping is your answer, so why on earth would any right-minded business do that with a mobile app?

The number of apps we’ve seen from large corporates which have been released and never touched again is really quite shocking and certainly counterproductive. Most of us in business know that keeping customers is much easier than trying to gain new ones, and one unhappy customer will tell far more people about their bad experience.

These comments below were left about a well known, global chain, that quite frankly should have known better.

Negative comment

There is a huge consumer appetite for apps, however most applications from companies trying to engage their audience, are failing to do just that and to stand out.

There are some great apps out there, Tesco and
Bupa are examples of corporates that have got it so right. Their apps are there to be used daily by their customers, whether it’s finding a store /consultant (using location finding), locating the right product in store, scanning the label to add to your on line basket or looking up health fact sheets. Not everyone will be able to create an app like this, and I’m sure most people wouldn’t have Tesco’s or Bupa's budget.

But don’t be put off, developing an app is not that hard, and good developers are there to advise you on what content will work well and what features your app should have to be engaging with your audience.

Remember, you don’t have to have every feature from day one, apps are there to be continuously developed. Remember

Your Brand is in their Hand !

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