Here are 10 things to consider when choosing a Mobile App Developer

Will Bill Gates, Larry Page or Tim Cook be helping you? No, I didn’t think so!

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    Are you at the mercy of that sales person?
  • How do you know if what they are telling you is true?
  • Who do you ask for advice?
  • Do you know much about the subject yourself?

Mobile Apps in business are still relatively new, but growing quickly, and like most new things, the people often buying them don’t always understand that much about them and are therefore at the mercy of the sales person sitting in front of them.

Ensuring you get the best, most reliable, packed with useful features app, isn’t as difficult as you might think but it does take some hard work starting with YOU and your team.

Once you have completed your research, feasibility study, pre development work and understood what you want your app to achieve and look like, what features and functionality it should have, you just need to find someone to build it for you.

We, at Synthaeum have 10 suggestions for areas you should be discussing with your intended developer, of course there will be others, and we are only scratching the surface of each point.

View our short presentation covering each of the subjects listed above.

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10 Reasons why YOUR business SHOULD have a mobile app.

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Have you been thinking about a mobile app for your business lately?

I suspect you may have convinced yourself that you don’t really need one, or it’s something that can wait another 6 months. After all, what’s wrong with the old methods you have been using to reach your customers?

Let me give you 10 good reasons why you should be thinking seriously about taking the plunge.

  1. 90% of people would rather lose their wallet than their Smartphone.
  2. 70% of people who changed their phones over the festive break opted for a Smartphone
  3. 82% of people send and check messages from their Smartphone.
  4. By 2013 Gartner predicts that mobile will be the no 1 way that consumers access the internet.
  5. People don’t take their PC’s out to dinner or the gym but they do take their Smartphone.
  6. Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn all grew their mobile audience by 50% in the past year.
  7. Redemption rates on mobile vouchers/coupons are 10 times greater than on a traditional coupon.
  8. In 2011 $1 billion was spent on mobile advertising, by 2015 predictions are likely to be about $4.5 billion.
  9. More than half of mobile social networkers accessed sites on a daily basis from their devices. 55% Twitters traffic is from mobile and 43% of Facebook’s is mobile.
  10. Ebay claims 15 million people, worldwide have downloaded its iPhone app in 190 countries and globally an item is brought through Ebay’s app every two seconds.

Apps create a greater opportunity for engagement with your customers. For this reason, mobile apps should be part of your overall strategy and generate long-term value for you, however Apps should help you build revenue or they should build user engagement for your business.

The more you use mobile marketing personally, the more you will understand it and how it can help and work for your business !

Whatever you are spending on mobile advertising, spend more! Seriously, check out how much you are spending based on how much time your customers spend with that medium. As an organization how much do you spend on advertising in magazines or newspapers? How much time in a day, do your customers spend with this form of media?
Now how much time do your customers spend with their Smartphones!

Maybe NOW is the time to start thinking about your mobile proposition.

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Credits to: comScore MobiLens, Gartner, Klenner Perkins, BBC


iPhone v’s Android v’s Blackberry-What do you choose?

OK, so you have decided that your company must have a mobile app, so what is the next step?
Do you go for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, all three, two of the three or just one…So many choices, how do you make that final decision?

Of course you will have budget constraints too, so this could be a major deciding factor when making your choice.

Before we go any further, what were the other factors that made you decide your
business needed a mobile app? Was it because you wanted to match what your competition is doing? Or, to be the first in your industry, therefore a market leader, or to promote your brand, goods or services, direct people to your locations, offer dynamic promotions, to use internally or a completely different reason? Whatever the reason, you still have to make the final decision: Apple v’s Blackberry v’s Android

Let me tell you about some work we did recently with a couple of
large clients and how we helped them to make that all-important decision as this may help you make that final decision too.

These companies had decided they wanted a mobile application, they had established their business case and budgets agreed at a senior level. All they had to do next was decide what platform to build for.

Most people will want initially both Android and Apple as this will capture the majority of the market, but is this really necessary from day one, well not always?

In order to help evaluate and make a final decision based on facts and not just feelings. We asked them to obtain a break down from their web team that would give the following data:
    In some cases the reporting was so sophisticated, it could even identify the model of the mobile device used, tablet or phone! The results spoke for themselves and I will share some of the detail with you in the table below.
    Table smaller
    If you are considering an app for your business why not start with your web team and ask them to obtain this level of detail for you. You may be surprised at what you see, it may even confirm what you already know…... Either way, this is valuable information that will cost you nothing and give you accurate data that makes for great data driven decision making

    If you want to find out more, please contact us here.


    An app is not just for Christmas......

    Old sceen Xmas

    Would you spend all that money designing and building a website never to update it again?

    No! I’m hoping is your answer, so why on earth would any right-minded business do that with a mobile app?

    The number of apps we’ve seen from large corporates which have been released and never touched again is really quite shocking and certainly counterproductive. Most of us in business know that keeping customers is much easier than trying to gain new ones, and one unhappy customer will tell far more people about their bad experience.

    These comments below were left about a well known, global chain, that quite frankly should have known better.

    Negative comment

    There is a huge consumer appetite for apps, however most applications from companies trying to engage their audience, are failing to do just that and to stand out.

    There are some great apps out there, Tesco and
    Bupa are examples of corporates that have got it so right. Their apps are there to be used daily by their customers, whether it’s finding a store /consultant (using location finding), locating the right product in store, scanning the label to add to your on line basket or looking up health fact sheets. Not everyone will be able to create an app like this, and I’m sure most people wouldn’t have Tesco’s or Bupa's budget.

    But don’t be put off, developing an app is not that hard, and good developers are there to advise you on what content will work well and what features your app should have to be engaging with your audience.

    Remember, you don’t have to have every feature from day one, apps are there to be continuously developed. Remember

    Your Brand is in their Hand !

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